What is Altace (Ramipril)?


Altace (ramipril) is an ACE inhibitor. ACE represents angiotensin converting enzyme.
Altace is utilized to treat hypertension (high blood pressure) or congestive heart failure, also to improve survival after a heart attack.
Altace could also be used for needs not listed within this medicine guide.

Important information

You should not use Altace in case you are pregnant. Stop making use of and inform your physician immediately if you become pregnant. Ramipril may cause injury or death to the unborn baby in case you take the drugs during your 2nd or 3rd trimester.
In case you have diabetes, you should not use Altace along with any medicine which contains aliskiren (Amturnide, Tekturna, Tekamlo, and Valturna).

Before taking this drugs

You ought not use Altace in case you are allergic to ramipril or to some other ACE inhibitor , for example benazepril , captopril , fosinopril , enalapril , lisinopril , moexipril , perindopril , quinapril , or trandolapril .

In case you have diabetes, you should not use ramipril along with any medicine which contains aliskiren (Amturnide, Tekturna, Tekamlo, and Valturna).
You might also need to stay away from taking Altace with aliskiren in case you have kidney disease.

To ensure Altace is safe for you, inform your physician in case you have:
• Kidney disease (or if you are on dialysis);
• Liver condition;
• Diabetes;
• A connective tissue illness for example Marfan syndrome, Sjogren’s syndrome, lupus, scleroderma, or arthritis rheumatoid; or
• If you are as well taking telmisartan (Micardis).
FDA Pregnancy Category D. You should not use in case you are pregnant. Quit using and explain to your doctor straight away in case you become pregnant. Altace may cause injury or death to the unborn baby if you take the medication during your 2nd or 3rd trimester. Make use of effective birth control.

Altace Side Effects

Applies to ramipril: oral capsule, oral tablet
Additionally to it is necessary effects, certain unwanted side effects might be due to ramipril (the active ingredient found in Altace). In the instance that any one of these side effects does occur, they might need professional medical attention.

You ought to seek advice from your doctor right away if any one of these side effects occurs while taking ramipril:
More popular
• Blurred vision
• Confusion
• Dizziness, faintness, or lightheadedness while getting up all of a sudden from a lying or sitting down position
• sweating
• Unusual exhaustion or weakness

Less common
• Arm, back, or jaw ache
• Chest pain or uneasiness
• Chest tightness or excess weight
• chills
• Cloudy urine
• Cold sweats
• Decrease in urine output or decrease in urine-concentrating ability
• fainting
• Fast or abnormal heartbeat
• Nausea
• Shortness of breath

Some of the side effects that will occur with ramipril might not require medical attention. As the body adapts to the medication during therapy these side effects might go away. Your health care specialist can also be in a position to inform you of solutions to decrease or stop a few of these side effects. If any one of the following side effects continues, are bothersome or if perhaps you have any kind of questions about them, seek advice from your health care expert:
More common
• Cough

Less typical
• Diarrhea
• Feeling of continuous movement of self or surroundings
• Sensation of spinning

Altace dosage

Altace dosage information
Altace (ramipril) capsule
The suggested first dose for patients not accepting a diuretic is 2 .5 mg once per day. Change dose based on blood pressure response. The normal maintenance dose range is 2 .5 mg to 20 mg daily administered as one dose or in two equally separated doses. In certain patients treated once every day, the antihypertensive effect might reduce toward the end of the dosing time period. In such type of patients, consider an increase in dose or two times every day administration. If blood pressure is not managed with ALTACE alone, a diuretic may be added.

Altace Tablets Dosage

Blood pressure reduces related to any dosage of ALTACE depend, in part, on the presence or decrease of volume depletion (e .g. past and present diuretic use) or the presence or decrease of renal artery stenosis. In case this kind of circumstances are suspected to be existing, the first beginning dosage ought to be 1 .25 mg once every day


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