What is Zanaflex used for?


Tizanidine hcl (tizanidine hydrochloride) is a short-acting medicine for relaxing the muscles, with its brand name as Zanaflex. It is used in the treatment of muscle spasms resulting from certain conditions like spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis. It is at times prescribed off-label for some symptoms of fibromyalgia, headache disorders, and also as sleep enhancer.

Tizanidine helps blocks the nerve impulses that are set to your brain. Your doctor might prescribe the tizanidine drug to you if you are experiencing cramping, spasms and muscle tightness. Tizanidine doesn’t actually cure these problems, but it could permits treatments like physicaltherapy, to be very efficient and helpful in making your condition better. Due to the short time of its effect, you should only take the Tizanidine medication for those day to day activities and times when relief from spasticity or muscle spasms is mostly required.

Your doctor should be informed if you have experienced any form of liver injury. Also tell him if you have had kidney failure. While taking Tizinadine makes sure you don’t engage in any kind of activity that will require you to be alert. Contact your health provider if you start experiencing strong need to sleep, dry mouth, sign of weakness and dizziness. If you have a surgery coming up soon remember to tell your doctor also remember to tell him about all the products you make use of including the OTC drugs. Do not take Tizanidine together with the antibiotic ciprofloxacin or the antidepressant fluvoxamine.

Switching between Tizanidine capsules and tablet can decrease therapeutic effects or increase the side effects. Do not take above 3 doses i.e. 36 mg of Tizanidine in one day. Excess of it can cause damage to your liver. Since there is no extensive study about Tizanidine effects in pregnant women to know if it is harmful to the developing fetus it is vital to inform your doctor before taking it if you are pregnant. Despite the fact that the Tizanidine hydrochloride capsule and the Tizanidine hydrochloride tablet both contain Tizanidine hydrochloride, the Tizanidine tablets are not bioequivalent or the same thing as the generic Tizanidine tablets. There are reports of Tizanidine recreational use by some people but this is ideally not advisable. Tizanidine high is also a trending issue with people mixing it together other drugs to make them feel high.

Tizadinine side effects

Get immediate medical assistance if you experience any sign of allergic reaction swelling of the throat or tongue, difficulty breathing and hives.
Some of the common side effects of Tizanidine are:
Back pain
Increased muscle spasms
Light colored stools
Stomach pain
Dry mouth
Feeling nervous or anxious
Increased spasms or muscle tone
Tingling sensation in the feet, legs, arms and hands
Inform your doctor if any of these symptoms do not leave.

The serious Tizanidine side effects
There are some Tizanidine side effects that might be very serious, contact your health provider immediately you notice any of the following symptoms:
Unusual behavior or thoughts
Stomach pain
Low fever
Slow heart rate
Pain during urination
Vision changes
Energy drain
Extreme tiredness
Loss of appetite
Hearing voices that don’t exist
Unusual bleeding
Seeing things that do not exist

Tizanidine dosage

Your Tizanidine medication should be taken exactly the way it was prescribed to you by your doctor. Do not take more than your doctor ask you to or longer than your doctor instructed. Your health provider might change your dose once in a while to ensure you get the best effect from your Tizanidine intake. Your Tizanidine DOSAGE is available in both the tablet and capsule form. The body absorbs the capsule differently from the way it absorbs the tablet, so you can substitute any for the other. Depending on how you take it, Tizanidine reaction could be different, whether it is taken without food, with food, or if the capsules content is sprinkled on food.

The normal starting dose is usually the Tizanidine 2 mg taking by mouth on a 6 to 8 hours interval. The maximum dose to be taken daily is 3 doses. Your doctor could increase your dose to Tizanidine 4mg dose to suit your condition and achieve maximum effect. The Tizanidine hcl 2mg and Tizanidine 4mg when missed with other drugs without precaution or the doctors warning is an tizanidine abuse of the drug and could result to a very dangerous averse effect.

A single dose of Tizanidine 8 mg helps in the reduction of muscle tone in patients experiencing muscle spasticity for many hours.
If you forget a dose take it immediately you remember but if it is time for the next dose simply skip it. Do not take an extra dose to make up for a missed one. Once you notice an overdose contact you poison center or doctor immediately.


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